Bitbet casino

It is the betting house where you can bet on anything. In fact, it works in a very different way than the betting houses that we are used to. In BitBet there are no matches or events to bet on at first sight. It is a web where through contracts, users can bet against others to everything they want. For example, there are contracts in which you bet that Donald Trump will be announced as president of the United States by the mainstream media on Election Day. You can bet the opposite that the user in question and win the money wagered if you win the bet. That easy. Yes, everything works with Bitcoin.

The curious thing about BitBet is that the contracts are very well worded so there are no doubts. For example, in the case of Donald Trump, it is said that he will be announced as president by the big media, not that he will win the elections, in order to cover his back before a new recount.

Here there are no welcome offers, but the web allows a freedom that does not offer any other. In addition, the privacy provided by Bitcoin favors the creation of more and more contracts at the time of betting. Another curious example: ‘If North Korea detonated a hydrogen bomb at any time before 31 December 2017, this contract will be resolved as YES’.