Are you already living the cryptocurrency fever? Do not? Well maybe you should know something more about Bitcoin and company … And yes we also tell you that you can use them and earn more through the online game, it will be that we are talking about 1XBIT, which I dare say is the operator with the highest offer of the world. I exaggerate? I do not believe, and I’m going to prove it with this special 1XBIT analysis and opinions.

  • Our experience with 1XBIT
  • Fantastic welcome offer
  • The largest selection of online games in the world?
  • Fun and safety 100% guaranteed

The bookmaker 1XBIT Bonus welcome

1XBIT arrives from Russia, belongs to the company Compañía1X Corp N.V., and works under a Curaçao license. Its objective? Conquer the world of online gaming. How do you plan to do it? With the largest catalog of entertainment in the market and the largest potential bonus we have (and have) ever seen.

And is that we are talking about a welcome bonus that reaches nothing more or nothing less than all 1 Bitcoin (BTC, hence the name of this operator), a cryptocurrency that can easily reach $ 20,000. 1XBIT will reward you with 100% of your first deposit in this virtual currency: impressive.

Available to register from anywhere in the world, 1XBIT is a gigantic operator without measure, whose offer has no equal and impresses. A giant in every sense of the word. Let’s see more in detail below, and believe me, it’s going to be worth it.

1XBIT more offers and promotions

We already mentioned the fantastic welcome bonus of up to 1BTC FREE that offers 1XBIT. To take it, yes, you must meet the following conditions:

Make a minimum deposit of 5 mBTC, or what is the same, 0.005 BTC

Automatically, 1XBIT will reward you with 100% of that first deposit up to a maximum of 1 BTC

To free it you must bet that amount a minimum of 40 times on sports bets (single and combined), made at a minimum fee of 1.6

They are not very complicated conditions, really, for what we are used to. But the best thing is not only this welcome bonus, but also the fact that it has associated another limited return bonus, for which we will receive bonus points on all bets placed, regardless of whether we win or lose. So we always get something positive.

Is not sufficient? Do not worry, as with the online games available, 1XBIT has offers and promotions to bore you. And they all come together in the Bonus section in six different categories:

  • Bonus games: of different types, from memory games to lotteries
  • Bonuses: others available in addition to those previously mentioned
  • Promotional code store: here we can exchange the bonus points that we get with the bets in other new promotions
  • Calendar of virtual sports bonuses: bet on these sports and receive bonuses with up to 30% return of the played
  • Jackpot: every day, a new jackpot in a different jackpot
  • Do you know any sports betting house or casino with so many offers and promotions? It seems very difficult that this is possible

1XBIT Casino

Another giant area, where we will find everything usual in an online casino, also boosted with new surprises that we will describe next one by one.

Slot machines

Call them slots, slots or slots. Does not matter. The only thing you should know is that they have the largest number of machines of this type, with all kinds of genres and the main software operators. We do not have words

Live casino

Crupieres en vivo (And what croupiers!) Will delight all fans of casino games, moving the experience of the on-site casino to the online environment as faithfully as possible.

1X Games

All a delicious extravagance: boardgames or board games, video games of different type Russian Roulette (How not! But the virtual, do not worry …), classic dice games and others like the mythical stone, paper or scissors or face or cross … Lots of games for us to enjoy at the top of the casino. And really original: 1XBIT is different from the rest, and that’s great.

Digital Sports

A unique section where we can bet on virtual or digital versions of hundreds of virtual sports and other really original practices (And do not worry, it’s a computer simulation) like … Digital cock fights!


When we talk about 1XBIT and we say that they do not miss anything, we do it because they also have a section dedicated to the lottery and lotto. What do we mean by having it available? Well, we can play and participate in the lottery draws of dozens of draws throughout the world, including the Spanish lottery.


Football and basketball are the kings of this section where these sporting practices with pure games of chance occur hand in hand. As fun as it is imperative is to entertain yourself with this different way of enjoying our favorite sports.

18+ Games

An area of ​​online gaming and entertainment that is very easy to understand with that title … Only for those who want to play with fire and not be afraid of burning! Eroticism and fun of the hand and with the guarantee of all experts in these developments such as PornHub.


The absolute king of the card games (and the online game?) Could not be missing in such a comprehensive and holistic offer as 1XBIT. With options to download the software on our desktop or on a mobile device (there are versions for both iOS and Android), we can also do it in our favorite browser without having to resort to any software or mobile application (app). There is no excuse!


We have to analyze 1XBIT on our sister website Estafaonline.com! And it also allows you to place bets and play with financial options and assets of the Forex or currency market: does anyone give more?

VIP Club

1XBIT does not currently have a VIP Club, but it would be very important that it will have one and from here we strongly suggest it.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

In order to deposit and withdraw funds, 1XBET voucher has implemented several payment methods on its website in order that all users can choose those that best suit them at all times.

You can withdraw and deposit funds through card (VISA, MasterCard, Mir, Maestro), China Union Pay, Entropay, ATM Online, Prepaid Card, JCB, QIWI, WebMoney, YandexMoney and Neteller. There is no lack of PayPal, Paysafecard and Skrill … Nothing more, nothing less than 236! Do you miss any?

And the most important thing: you do not have to pay service fee for your job and they are all instantaneous.

Security Can we trust 1XBIT?

1XBIT is legal and its platform is 100% secure, so we should not be afraid when it comes to registering, making our deposits and withdrawing money: they have our complete confidence.

They put at our disposal a Live Chat 24 hours in Spanish, to resolve your claims and doubts that may suggest. And the truth, it works quite well. 1XBET is a safe bet.

The most complete sports betting, casino and poker house in the world? We can be before that case. It is true that they are not the best in each and every one of the offers of games and bets that they offer, but generally speaking they comply with the grade.

At the same level as its exhaustive offer in sports betting, we find online casino games, poker, eSports, lotteries and financial products … And all this is completed with an offer of equally varied, constant and regular bonuses and promotions. There is no other operator in the world that offers you a Bitcoin (BTC) as a welcome bonus with these conditions.

For this reason, from ApuestasOnline.Net we recommend you register in 1XBIT as one of our online gaming operators with the best score and services.

First deposit bonus is 100% up to 1 BTC

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