We told you recently everything you need to know about the live or live variety of the casino game of our online casinos. Today we are going to tell you concrete details about one of its varieties: live roulette.

Bitcoin roulette is, of course, one of the most striking tables in a real casino: its structure, the sound, the simple fact of seeing it rotate to decide which number is the lucky one … All a ritual that many have only seen through the cinema or television. Well now you can also enjoy all the sensations that the roulette wakes up but without leaving home or wherever you are.

You can find live roulette at several of our favorite online casinos: Anonymous, CloudBet, … and even within this variety there are different options like the French one. We will tell you about the experience: when you access live roulette you will receive a professional prepared not only for the game to be developed with the utmost tranquility and reliability, but also to create a good atmosphere among the “assistants”. You can chat with them as the game develops and that adds value to the online gaming experience.

The software that our casinos use to develop the live roulette game makes you “travel” into an elegant casino and feel as if you were sitting at the table. If you also want to make friends you can talk with the other players, of course so the online game experience will be very different from usual.

To access these games you just have to log in with your username and password and click on the appropriate place. If you have not yet decided to register at a Mexican online casino, take a look at our website and choose according to our reviews, sure we give you some clue. We also guarantee that our casinos are serious and 100% reliable. As we said, look for live games or “Live”. Choose the roulette tab and select to open the game screen.


The rules that you have to follow are those of normal roulette, which you would play in a physical casino. The roulette game at  Live Casinos adheres to the European Roulette rules and standards. It is convenient that if you are not very familiar with the way in which you play you take a good look at them. Not only will you feel more secure, it is that you will have more fun because you will not have doubts and you will be able to make quicker decisions.

Keep in mind the limits that different betting houses establish for their different games. It is likely that you have a maximum limit and another minimum at the time of betting.

In bitcoin Casino, for example, you will find this information on the game screen so that everything will be very easy. Keep in mind that sometimes it is not just about the bet and its amounts, also the sum of all bets determines an amount that should not exceed or be less than the minimum and maximum of the table.

In this game there are predetermined and regulated types of bets common in all the casinos. You can bet on a number, or split your bet, make a cross bet or the corner or even bet on four. Lines, columns, dozens, neighboring numbers … are conventions that roulettes have in common and that allow you to be creative at the time of betting.

The instruments that will make the game easier are the commands such as “erase bet”, “repossess”, “confirm bet” … with the first you eliminate the amount you had established, the second instead reaffirms it and repeats it in the Next spin of roulette. The confirm is used to let the system know that you have finished deciding and you are willing to play now. There are also commands to open the section of special bets, which select several numbers predetermined by the situation in which they are in the table.


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With these brief tips and the possibility of consulting the dealer in person, we are sure that roulette with Live Dealers will be very comfortable and very easy for you. Do not miss the opportunity to try it once you have registered in one of the fantastic casinos that we recommend. Surely you will repeat and make many friends!