The live games in the bitcoin casinos are a very powerful claim for the users given the quality of the experience they provide. If in live roulette a real dealer is concerned to warn you with the call of “no more going”, in live blackjack you face “the house”, because in this game also known as “twenty-one” your opponent It’s the dealer or dealer you have in front of you. The popularity of this game and the number of players who prefer it before others has made it possible that, once the necessary software has been developed, blackjack will become part of the catalog of live games offered by btc casinos.


The objective of bitcoin Blackjack as sure you already know, is to add 21 with your cards or get close to this number without going over. You compete as we told you against the croupier, so his thing is to get closer to 21 than him or wait for him to pass.

With the live croupiers the goal is the same, in a very realistic environment and that makes you feel like in a real casino, wherever you are at that moment – that’s how we add the emotion of a real casino to the comfort of the version online, which allows you to enjoy your games without schedules and without having to move anywhere. The presence of a dealer online allows you not only to have a conversation with another human being, which will make the game much more human and realistic, but also make friends since you can talk with the other players sitting at the table. Oh, and as much as it is a game in which you face the house, in some of our online casinos you can bet on who wins or loses any of the players who are betting, in case you do not do it present in the live casino.

As we discussed, online games require an extra human and technological work, since there is a live broadcast and software that instantly translates what happens in the real world to your online player account. In the case of blackjack there is no exception to this rule and a whole team is at your service. Access the live version of your favorite casino and let the magic happen: To make it easy for you to play, the universal rules of blackjack must be present:


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You will be given a hand of two of the 52 cards that will be in play and that will not include the jokers. Always play against the dealer and the letters have their numerical value, 10 if it is J, Q, or K and if we talk about the ace will be 11 or 1, as it suits you more.

If the initial sum of the dealer’s cards is less than 16, he will be obliged to request another card before planting. In the live version of the online casino you will be able to see if the game offered by you has any specialty for having chosen some specific rules (there are different styles of the same game). In general in all the casinos that we recommend the mechanism is similar: you will find commands on the screen where you can repeat your bet (or Reapply), bet the maximum that the table allows (Maximum Bet or Max Bet), it is also possible that have a command to confirm your bets. Doubling is also an option that you can find and that will be useful to you. You can also request a more letter or stop your card taking.

Other options usually offered by live versions of blackjack are insurance that protects you if the dealer or dealer gets the 21 (although it has a cost, obviously). So, check the commands and the possibilities they offer you to place your bets, plant or protect yourself.

Playing blackjack can be very entertaining in the live casino, but remember to use your head and not force luck. The best thing is that your experience is fun even if you do not earn a lot of money.