One of the leisure offers that attracts the most attention within the variety of online casinos is the possibility of playing “live”, that is, live and live. We imagine that the infrastructure that facilitates this casino game option should not be anything, but that the most developed ingenuity and technology should be at the service of such a striking result. Not in vain you can be reclining in your house while a dealer shuffles and distributes your cards … live! And the best thing is that your prize is also effective thanks to the magic of the internet and you still do not have to travel to a physical casino. We find it very interesting to know the ins and outs of this option available in online casinos as one more attraction.


If you were regretting not to try the experiences (sounds, people) of a real casino, we inform you that with choosing the live casino option in any of our casinos you will be able to approach much more than you thought to reality.

The first difference and the most striking is the presence of a dealer, a professional (male or female) who will be responsible for transmitting the feeling of being in a real casino. But it’s not just that I’m going to hand out your cards or spin your roulette, it’s that you’ll be able to talk to that person in real time. In addition, the participants of the game will be available to you in the chat and you can go to them, the difference with the usual chat is to be able to put, finally, a face to the person who directs the game.

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The setting of online games is really good, but faced with the possibility of seeing a scene of flesh and blood and thus prove an experience very close to the traditional casino many players are encouraged to try it. Lighting, costumes, sound … everything focused on making you feel like you are in a majestic casino.

This version of the game favors the game mechanism ceases to be something abstract and you can almost “touch” the mat. That’s why it’s easy for you to be attracted to this game possibility if you’re new to online gaming and you still have some fear or if you’re a reserve player. Everything will be broadcast live so you can breathe easy.

The deck is real, the roulette is real, the sounds are prepared and edited like those of the best films in the cinema and you can let yourself be carried away by the confidence that the dealer dismisses since you can look him directly in the eyes (through the screen ). Not depending on an advanced software program that generates numbers or symbols randomly (even though it is a safe and reliable option), makes it possible for your confidence to be increased, since expert hands trained in the game will distribute or put in move what is necessary for your game to come to fruition and that you live the emotion of the real casino.

The options that you find in Live version are the most popular, you will not miss any of the big ones: For example, in the online casino Caliente you have the possibility to choose between Roulette and Live 3D Roulette, Baccarat, Casino Holdem and two versions of Blackjack: the common and the unlimited.

The commands that enable the game will be available to you as clear and informative as in any other online games. You can read how many times you want the rules of the game, in this online live game has a great advantage, in addition most online casinos have live user help chat, so all your doubts can be resolved on the fly . Search the box that displays the chat whenever you need it.

Another advantage is not having to move from where you are if you want to add more funds to your balance to make a more exciting bet or just keep playing, look for the tab to click and go directly to the deposit methods and fix it in a moment. In the same way you can check your funds and your earnings in writing, which is always a better way to get a real idea of ​​how the streak is going and thus decide where and how much you bet.

We see only advantages in live games, so we encourage you to try them and enjoy the experience extensively: talk with your colleagues, talk with the dealer and enjoy the experience of being in a real casino room from wherever you want. find

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